Club Accommodation

One of the longest standing Accommodation providers in Africa.

All prices include Breakfast

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Club Facilities

Our Facilities are open to our members and guest.

Centenary Restaurant

It is like eating in a museum full of not only the club history but also Zimbabwe's history. Furthermore, the Food is Irresistible having you come back for more.

Members Bar

The Members bar, probably one of the oldest bar in the city if not the country in which the British Royal Family has joined members for drinks and entertainment

Billiard Room

Enjoy one of the oldest game known. It was made in 1797. Open to members and guests only. The club has been holding tournaments for members and guests since the opening of the Clubhouse in 1961. Members are free to use at any time.

Memorable Venue

A spectacular venue for your event. Whether you want a private Dinning experience with your own personal waiter or have a big splashing wedding. We can cater for you.

African Unity Square

The square was built in 1890. It was named Cecil Square in honor of Cecil John Rhodes. After independence in 1980, the square was renamed Africa Unity square in commemoration of the unity of Africans. Take time to enjoy the view or stroll our city African Unity Square Garden. It is remarkable for its large fountain and the flower sellers that line the square.

Cocktail Bar

The grand reopening of the cocktail Bar is coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.

About Us
Our RICH History

The Harare Club is a premier private social executive club in Harare, Zimbabwe established in 1893. Eccentric but fascinating old place, full of photos and fittings from pre-Independence era when Harare was Salisbury.

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Edward Prince of Wales visits Harare Club

In 1925, Edward, Prince of Wales during his Southern Africa tour joined the Members in the Bar. He could not spare the time for a House Dinner.

13 October, 2020

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority CLEAN UP IN HARARE


3 June, 2022

Bacon and Spinach

An Easy meal that has 4 servings and a total Time of 50mins. Try something new this weekend

31st January 2022